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Nephrons captured with a 63X objective on a Nikon Confocal A1R microscope. 10.7554/eLife.04000


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  1. Plain-language summaries of research

    A growing number of research journals, scientific societies, medical charities and other organizations are publishing summaries of research papers and proposals that explain their content in plain language.

  2. Human Genetics

    eLife editors present a collection of outstanding findings in Human Genetics published in the journal. We welcome studies that use human genetics to drive risk variant discovery, and which use this information to provide further mechanistic insights...

  3. Cancer Biology

    From its earliest days, eLife has been publishing important advances in our understanding of Cancer Biology. Here, eLife Senior Editors present a collection of great papers spanning from oncogenes and tumor suppressors to metastasis and anticancer...

  4. Paleontology

    From the discovery of a new hominin species to uncovering the behaviour of ancient insects, the articles below demonstrate the breadth of paleontology research published by eLife.

  5. Chemical Biology

    eLife has published a number of papers about research at the interface between chemistry and biology. eLife editors who handle submissions in chemical biology have selected the following papers to highlight some of the latest research in the field.

  6. Tropical disease: A selection of papers

    eLife has published papers on many tropical diseases, including malaria, Ebola, leishmaniases, Dengue and African sleeping sickness. The articles below have been selected by eLife editors to give a flavour of the breadth of research on tropical...

  7. Early-career researchers: A collection of articles

    eLife has published a number of articles on topics that have an impact on early-career researchers. The subjects covered include funding, career advice and the benefits of unions for postdocs.

  8. The Natural History of Model Organisms

    Many of the fundamental principles of biology were discovered in model organisms, but there is still a lot to learn about their life and biology "in the wild". This special series of articles explores what is known about the natural history of a...