Episode 5: October 2013

Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

October 2013

Episode 5

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In this episode of the eLife podcast we discuss how chimpanzees use conceptual metaphors, the hyperactivation of spermatozoa, the use of bacteria to estimate the time of death, stem cells and smoking, and a new type of bacteria.

Sperm BerserKers

Human sperm cells rely on an unusual type of potassium ion channel.

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  2. Insight by Clapham.

A microbial clock

Measurements of bacteria could have applications in forensic science.

  1. Research Article by Metcalf et al.

Welcome to Melainabacteria

Researchers have found evidence for a new phylum of bacteria.

  1. Research Article by Di Rienzi et al.

Tracking single stem cells

The epithelium that lines our airways is maintained by a population of basal cells.

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  2. Insight by Donne and Rock.

Chimpanzees get conceptual

The use of metaphorical concepts is not unique to humans.

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